Tax Levy Ordinance No. 2016-002Download

An ordinance of the Borough of Newburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, fixing the tax rate for the year 2017.

Rental Ordinance No. 2016-001Download

Rental Unit Licensing and Inspection Ordinance 2016-001

2005-3 Animal OrdinanceDownload

Animal Ordinance

Rental Ordinance 2007Download

Rental Ordinance 2007-2, providing for licensing and inspecting of rental units

Ordinance delegating mayor power to enforce parking 2013Download

Resolution delegating to the mayor the duty to enforce the Borough"s Parking Ordinance enacted 9/17/12.

Rental Ordinance amendment 2013Download

Rental Ordinance amendment to require owner to designate responsible agent; provide current tenant information and to allow enfo

Parking Ordinance Amendment 2013Download

Parking ordinance amendment allowing parking enforcement officer to pursue district justice proceedings.

2010 Permit Ordinance with attached ResolutionDownload

2010 Permit Ordinance with attached Resolution

Outdoor Burning OrdinanceDownload

2009 Outdoor and Open Burning Ordinance

Tax Mil Ordinance 2012Download

Tax Mil Ordinance 2012